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My mission

As a computer scientist, programmer, former competitive fps player and tech enthusiast, my mission is simple, make your life easier by maximizing your computer performance.

My journey

Founded by a technology and video game enthusiast since childhood, gepcperformance was born from a deep and sincere desire to help people. Between playing in a pro Battlefield team, being among the top leaderboards at Overwatch, Apex Legends and being among the biggest contributors to Escape from Tarkov, I also graduated in computer science with a specialization in video game development and I have more than 14 years of experience in the field. Starting my career at Ubisoft, I have since made a long journey in different fields of IT but always with an obsession to get the best performance from PCs. Now I want to make you and your computer benefit from it. You can find me playing games and talking PC here.

GE a.k.a MapleSyrupJunkie

Professional, experienced, courteous and above all, passionate about video games and technology, I understand the importance of having a computer capable of meeting your needs, and I am committed to helping you achieve this. Whether you are a pro gamer or a worker, I have the expertise to help you optimize your setup.


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